We harvest our hass avocados with a minimum dry matter (or oil content) percentage which is ideal for ripening after arrival at our customers. This creates consistency in quality throughout our season.


Hass avocados are welcomed by consumers around the world as a “superfood,” packed with 20 vitamins, minerals, fibers, healthy fats and other nutrients which can be enjoyed not just in Guacamole but also as an addition to your salad, wraps, smoothies or even in doner or burgers.


Hass Avocado

Green Skin: Ettinger, zutano, fuerte
Available in: Fresh & IQF/Frozen
Fresh Packaging:
4 Kg Carton / 10 Kg.
11.34 Kg. Carton

IQF Packaging:
Chunks, dices, halves
10kg, 6kg, 5 kg.