In Asica, we not only seek to maximize the quality of our products but also to meet all the requirements and specifications that the market demands.


In Asica, having exceptional quality products is not enough. We strive for better results in our CSR certifications and we also exceed standards for our staff in the processing plant and production batches. Our goal is to develop a good level of compliance, but always generating a positive impact on the communities in which we are involved.


With decades of experience and an ambition to never stop improving, we have achieved what we call the “Asica Integrated Quality System Protocol.” This guarantees that every box we produce is accepted in any market in the world.


If Asica did not treat mother earth and our ecosystem with respect, we would not have long-term sustainable production. That is why we are committed to producing, packaging, and distributing our products in the greenest way possible. In Asica, we need to ensure that the products our customers get are produced responsibly, and consumers must understand that when they buy Asica, they are supporting sustainability.

Some actions implemented:

  • We use a mulch to control evapotranspiration and excessive water loss. This creates a microenvironment that reduces water consumption by 10-15% at the production level.
  • We minimize the use of chemical compounds such as antibiotics and aerosols to reduce the impact on global warming.
  • Our control of pests and diseases is oriented towards the maximum reduction of the use of agrochemicals; with activities such as tillage and cleaning of crop residues to reduce winter populations of certain pests, manual weed control, and the installation of handmade traps for insects and vermin.
  • Besides, we are already planning more natural conservation areas around production fields and shifting a predominant percentage of our energy consumption to alternative forms such as solar energy.


Asica cares about growing communities and maintains efforts to help our Asica Tumi Foundation, which has been developing various actions:

  • Education programs in Peru, for children in the San Lorenzo Valley in Piura, and the Junín jungle, which provide long-term student development through our student initiative programs in remote schools.
  • Emergency aid programs in the event of a natural disaster among our production communities and rural areas that need assistance. For example, at the beginning of March 2017, Asica led the way to help more than 2,500 families affected in the San Lorenzo Valley (Piura) due to the floods caused by the El Niño climate phenomenon.
  • Asica works closely with public schools, providing books and educational resources for children.
  • We encourage students to reach higher goals and work towards a college or technical degree through the hiring of highly qualified counselors and counseling professionals.
  • In Virú (La Libertad), we have recently financed a sports facility and modernized an entire school system.
  • In Pichanaqui (Junín), we have a continuous reforestation program in the organic ginger plots, where we plant wood trees that will later become a direct source of income for these communities.