Sustainably Grown + Packed with Care

Our Difference: The Asica Way

We grow our products with two main ingredients in mind: our customers and our people.


Asica Farms grows, packs, and distributes Avocados, Grapes and Mangos from Peru to customers worldwide including Europe, US, and Asia. Sustainably Grown and Packed with Care is not just a phrase, but a way to implement sustainability and quality for each piece of fruit we produce.

By focusing our operations in Olmos, Peru, which has optimum climate conditions and sustainable water resources--we can passionately grow our products tailor made to the highest retail standards while being committed at all times with social and environmental sustainability.


Continiously strive as professional quality producer of superfoods and healthy fresh products grown sustainably that can be marketed worldwide.


Sustainably grown + Packed with Care = Value added for our people, partners, and consumers.

Our People

The passion and motivation of every individual team member that forms our team is what shapes the final product. Our most important asset is our people, and we strive to provide them with a working environment and promote their efficiency.

Experience above and beyond quality

The real difference

We try to anticipate any issue with real time information and the right planning for your programs, always being as direct and clear as possible, and avoid surprises later.

Solution Oriented
Our internal culture is to turn challenges into solutions for our partners. In the exciting world of fresh fruits, we are prepared to tackle any challenges with our expertise and contingency plans.
Fast Communication & Reaction
We understand the dynamics of the fruit industry and have coverage in multiple time zones with experienced team members. Fast reaction for us is an absolute must.

We try to anticipate and forecast our production internally and externally with forecasting partners to have the most updated forecast at all times. We know the importance of running a smooth program and hence we adhere to this above all.

Food Safety
Years ago we implemented multiple food safety reforms internally and checkpoints. We have 0% deviation policy in customer standards and we do this by having prevention methods & a triple (sometimes quadruple) check point system in place at all times before a start of the season. This might sound like a lot compared to others, but for us safety is always first.